Nicole Samra - Model

A Southern California born and raised girl, Nicole grew up in Perris, Ca to two wonderful parents. She's the middle child of 5 children total - all brothers! She grew up strong and tough trying to keep up with her brothers.

From an early age, Nicole loved to be in front of the camera. From her very first talent show in Kindergarten to making home movies with her brothers, she loved to create.

She has a passion for modeling, acting and occasionally slapping a littleĀ bass guitar. She also digs karaoke even though she'll admit to having a terrible singing voice. She also loves to dance like no one is watching.

She currently resides in Los Angeles, Ca and is pursuing her dream of modeling and acting.

She's modeled for top makeup brandsĀ and schools throughout the LA area. She has a passion for outdoor nature style photo shoots and isn't afraid to express her emotional side through her photographs.

If you are looking for a well rounded model who can transform from the girl next door to the naughty pixie dream girl, then Nicole Samra is the model for you!

Nicole Samra Headshot

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